• Coming soon: CrackoMathic - The creative number game for every generation

LPG Tanke:
Important Information

The creative number game for every generation.

Dear LPG Tanke user,

thank you for using my app LPG Tanke.

Keeping my app and the database up to date, requires a lot of time and work.

As a part time developer I haven't enough time to do this. So I have decided to delete the app LPG Tanke from the App Store temporary.

CrackoMathic is coming soon.

Stay mentally fit with CrackoMathic.
It can be fun to train your brain and practice mental arithmetic. CrackoMathic is just fun.

Become a CrackoMathicer!
Play the game which makes you clever!

Click here and get more information about CrackoMathic.

About me and my Apps


iOS Developer

After I have passed my exam as an iOS Developer I immediately started programming for iPhone and iPad. I'm really enjoying this.

It's important for me that my apps bring you further and makes your everyday life easier.

What's the story behind the App LPG Tanke?

Since I drive a car with LPG I had the idea to programm an app which finds LPG gas stations in Germany. The app should show LPG gas stations nearby - and that for a low price without annoying advertising.

What's the story behind the App CrackoMathic?

I wanted to develop an app for mental fitness.

At last the illness of my mother in law, who had Alzheimer convinced me that it's important to train your brain.

So I wanted to programm an app which makes you mentally fit. The game should be fun for old and young people.

Without language barriers. A creative number game in basic calculating.

My wife had the initial idea for the game CrackoMathic. So I directly started planning and programming the app.

It would be nice ...

... if you told me your wishes and your comments concerning my app.

Note - LPG Tanke:

I would like to inform you that, despite the great care I have taken in programming the app and researching LPG stations, there may always be changes, deviations or closures of LPG filling stations.

Therefore, I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by all registered LPG filling stations in Germany.

Only available in the German App Store and German language. You can use LPG Tanke only in Germany.

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